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Recommendations by expects are that you should change your Comic Backing Boards and Comic Bags every 3 to 5 years.

Over the years most comic books have been printed on newsprint. Which includes all comic books printed prior to Current Age, as well as some Current Age books. Newsprint that most comic books are printed on has been bleached with acid prior to printing, and some of the acid from the bleach remains in the paper. That is why it is recommended that you replace the Backing Boards and Comic Bags very 3 to 5 years.

The Comic Book Backing Boards are coated with calcium carbonate so that they absorb the acid that migrates from the book. You will want to store them out of sunlight and in a cool dry place because sunlight, heat, and moisture can accelerate the acid migration process.

BCW Brand backing boards are solid bleached sulfate and are certified acid free by an independent testing laboratory.

The National Archives and Records Administration specified the following with regard to the long-term storage and preservation of photographic documents;

"Look for plastic enclosures made from uncoated pure polyethylene, polypropylene or polyester (also called Mylar D or Melinex 516). These are considered stable and non-damaging to photographs."

BCW Brand comic bags are made of uncoated virgin polypropylene.

Classification of Comic Books

Comics are classified into 3 major categories, Victorian Age, Platinum Age, and Modern Age. Comic books came into existence during the Modern Age of comics in February of 1934 with the release of Eastern Color Printing's Famous Funnies #1, Series 1. The Modern Age of comics is classified into 4 sub-categories, Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Modern Age (Bronze Age and Modern Age comic books are also referred to as "Current" comics).

  • Victorian Age - 1795 to 1899
  • Platinum Age - 1897 to 1938
  • Modern Age - 1929 to Present
  • Golden Age - 1934 to 1955
  • Silver Age - 1956 to 1969
  • Bronze Age - 1970 to 1979
  • Current Age - from 1980 to Present

You will need to determine which of the 4 categories of the Modern Age of comics that your comic book falls under to be sure to get the proper size of comic bags and backing boards. We suggest that you measure your comic book or refer to the copyright date to determine which category your comic book falls under.

Resealable Comic Book Bags

Resealable Comic Book Bags can be sealed in two ways

  1. Adhesive strip on the tab
  2. Adhesive strip on the bag
What works the best for you.

If the adhesive strip is on the tab it is possible to catch the comic on the adhesive strip when you slide you comic in or out of the bag, possibly damaging the comic. With the adhesive strip on the bag it helps avoid possible damage to the comic.

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