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Nickel 2x2 Paper Flips - Bulk

Nickel 2x2 Paper Flips - Bulk

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BCW 2x2 Paper Coin Flips are a square white coin cardboard holder that are commonly called 2x2's or Coin Flips. You can use them to store, display, and protect your coins. They have a window that is made of archival polypropylene, and the front and back of the coin is visible when the Flip is folded and stapled close. You can write descriptions of the coin on the holder.

- Store and protect your Nickel's
- Fits nicely inside 20 pocket binder pages
- Bulk packaged - no storage box included
- Window sized for a 21.21mm US Nickel
- Exterior 2x2
- 100 Flip(s) per Bundle

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